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Combine & Save

Combine 2 Areas
Treatments    Regular Price
Lip/ Brazilian    $65.00
Lip/ lower leg    $170.00
Lip/ Underarms    $41.00
Bikini/ Underarms    $49.00
Ext Bikini/ Underarms    $55.00
Brazilian/ Underarms    $70.00
Face/ Underarms    $70.00
Lower legs/ Underarms    $170.00
Face/ Brazilian    $90.00
Face/ lower legs    $175.00
Face/ Full legs    $180.00
Brazilian/ full legs    $180.00
Brazilian/ lower legs    $175.00
Thighs/ Bikini    $189.00
Thighs/ Brazilian    $210.00
Full leg/ Underarm    $255.00
Combine 3 Areas
Full Legs/ Bikini/Uarms    $259.00
Full legs/ braz/Uarms    $275.00
Lower legs/ bikin/Uarms    $175.00
Lower legs/ braz/Uarms    $189.00
Face/braz/ underarms    $90.00
Face/braz/ full legs    $310.00
Face/braz/ lower legs    $275.00
Full legs/Full arms/braz    $350.00

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